How many puppies does a French Bulldog have in a litter?

French Bulldogs, as with any brachycephalic breed, will tend to have small litters. The average number of puppies born to a dam will be 3-5, with 5 being uncommon. However, we’ve encountered breeders who have regularly seen litters as large as 7 french bulldog puppies, but don’t bet your farm on it happening to you or your breeder. “How many puppies does a French bulldog have?” can be as accurately predicted as the jackpot on a slot machine. At the end of the day, the size of a French Bulldog’s litter is a matter of nature, and nature is anything but predictable. Smaller litters mean better circumstances for the puppies. French Bulldog puppies can be born with tremendously devastating birth defects and that alone should deter you from ever trying to breed your own French Bulldogs without investing years of work learning about the breed. It takes nerves of steel to monitor a pregnant dam. French Bulldogs almost always have to have caesarean section births, as they’re unable to give birth naturally due to their narrow pelvis and hips.  Allowing a French Bulldog dam to give natural birth without consulting a professional breeder or veterinarian will almost certainly kill the dam and the majority of her pups, if any happen to survive.

French Bulldogs cannot accommodate large litters of puppies like their larger counterparts. A larger litter of frenchies means there’s a chance that they’ll be chronically underweight and an increase of stress on the dam due to prolonged feeding. Don’t get me wrong: I want to roll around in a room full of chubby little french bulldogs as much as the next guy, but breeding your French Bulldog solely on the hope that it might produce a large litter is a fool’s errand. You’ll instantly become a backyard breeder, and nobody wants that.

When talking to a breeder you’ve selected, just ask them about the average size of their litters versus the average length of their waiting lists. Often, you’ll find that there’s plenty of room to get in. People can get buyer’s remorse and return puppies, have unexpected circumstances change their ability to follow through with purchasing, and a host of other factors that could end up in your getting a French Bulldog sooner than you expected. Patience is critical.

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