French Bulldog Weight Guide

Like all dog breeds, French Bulldogs come in a variety of different weights, bone structures, and plain ole sizes. We realized there was no easily read weight guide for French bulldogs, so we created this french bulldog weight guide just for you! French bulldog weight and diet go hand-in-hand. If your frenchie is overweight, feed slightly less over a short period of time. The same is true for the inverse.

French Bulldog Weight Guide

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PREFACE: Some obnoxious shithead has been spamming this post with some of the pettiest comments I’ve ever read in the entire existence of Internet vitriol. Alas, for those of you readers who are not professional shitheads, I want to premise this post with something. It should be obvious to those of you not considered burdens of the state that I am not a veterinarian. I am a computer programmer and businessman who happens to love french bulldogs. I make no claim to be an expert on canine nutrition. If you take even a cursory glance at this post, it is comprised of common-sense information about how much your french bulldog should weigh (according to the AKC breed standard) in various circumstances. If you think I am trying to pass myself off as a veterinary expert, then please reconsider your perception of the internet.

A fully grown French Bulldog should weigh between 18 and 30lbs, depending on a number of variables. Spayed and neutered is also a factor, as unneutered males may weigh slightly more than their neutered counterparts. Females will generally be smaller than males, sometimes weighing as little as 18-20lbs while still looking healthy and chubby, although very rarely. This means a female near 18-20lbs should not have a visible rib cage or other bone structures. The same is true for males in the 20-24lb range. Ribs and spine should never be visible on your French Bulldog. They’re naturally pleasantly plump companions and visible signs of any ribs or other bone features suggests the bulldog is underfed or underweight. If your french bulldog’s bone structure is apparent, then feed them more until they’re up to a health weight.

How Much Could My Adult French Bulldog Weigh If:

He’s an unneutered male:

  • ~22-32lbs

He’s neutered:

  • ~24-28lbs

He’s an unneutered male but pretty small as an adult:

  • ~19-30lbs

He’s neutered and still rather small as an adult:

  • ~18-28lbs

She’s spayed and has a small frame as an adult:

  • ~16-22lbs

She’s spayed but has a larger frame as an adult:

  • ~20-28lbs

She’s intact and has a small frame as an adult:

  • ~17-24lbs

She’s intact but has a larger frame as an adult:

  • ~18-28lbs

Here’s the rub: the AKC puts forth what’s called a “breed standard”. This “standard” is an assertion of what the ideal french bulldog should look like. This includes weight, temperament, and so on. This is referred to as your dog’s “conformation”. The above list is a very finite example of weight ranges. These also aren’t concrete. Your french bulldog could land anywhere in the above ranges. From the breed standard, french bulldogs can weigh anywhere between 16-30lbs. The above ranges are based on my personal experience breeding french bulldogs.

Your veterinarian can tell you if your french bulldog is over or under weight. Many factors are considered. There’s age, diet, lifestyle, relative size comparatively (to other frenchies). As I’ve said many times, you should not be able to see a hint of your french bulldog’s ribs. This is a sign of being underweight. Further, your french bulldog should not be excessively fat. Your veterinarian can tell you your french bulldog’s body fat ratio. Depending on that and other circumstances, your vet can recommend corrective action.

If you believe your French Bulldog is not maintaining a healthy weight, please read through this post about how much you should feed your french bulldog to ensure that you’re providing an adequate amount of food. Otherwise, if you’re feeding your French Bulldog the recommended amount per day and your Frenchy is not maintaining a healthy weight, then you must take your French Bulldog to a licensed veterinarian immediately. Nothing beats an expert opinion when your companion’s health and well-being are called into question.

This guide is not meant to scaremonger. If your French Bulldog appears happy and healthy and they’re within the weight range in the chart, then you’re probably okay. Just be sure you’re feeding your French Bulldog according to a calculator or the prescribed amounts on the packaging (if you’re not cooking your frenchie’s meals), split between two-three meals. If your French Bulldog appears to be overweight, consider monitoring your Frenchie while they eat and ensure they’re not making themselves welcome to your other pet’s food. Also, always feed your french bulldog as close to a repetitive schedule as you can get. Canines are also creatures of habit. Read our post here about the best food for french bulldogs.
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