Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic?

Are French Bulldogs hypoallergenic? Definitely not. French Bulldogs are notorious shedders and thus French Bulldogs are not hypoallergenic. French Bulldogs not only are not hypoallergenic, but their fur is short and tough, almost like seal fur when wet, making it is an easy carrier for dusts and pollens. Animal allergens are secreted by proteins in the skin that are transferred to the animal’s fur and skin dander. When an animal cleans itself, the tongue can also secret these allergenic proteins and transfer them to their fur. When the fur is shed or the owner simply pets their companion, these allergens are transferred to the owner’s skin and an allergic reaction is triggered.

So, any dog that sheds regularly is highly prone to causing an allergic reaction in their owners, if their owners have any animal allergies.

Are french bulldogs hypoallergenic if bred properly?

Unlike some other breeds, which can be bred to shed less, french bulldogs cannot. Their DNA should never be altered by cross-breeding with dogs that have irregular genomes. Further, the AKC looks down on this practice in all breeds. Genetic mutations that decrease shedding in some breeds is a strong reason not to breed that specific dog.

A Note on French Bulldog Fur

French Bulldogs benefit from casual brushing with an shedding brush in order to remove loose dander, fur, and detritus from their fur. As an added bonus, brushing will help keep your Frenchie’s fur looking smooth and beautiful. It is especially helpful to use a shedding brush during the warmer months to help keep your french bulldog’s body temperature down. Removing loose fur helps decrease their natural insulation, permitting them to cool down a little easier. Also remember that the best french bulldog food will be rich in healthy fats from avocados and other fat sources in order to promote a soft, healthy coat.

No Such Thing as a Hypoallergenic Dog

The reality is, there’s really no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog. There are just some dogs that are less prone to causing allergy symptoms than others. These breeds include all of the common types associated with being easier on the allergies of humans: maltese breeds, bichon frises, some terriers, and a handful of others. These dogs shed significantly less than other breeds, so their fur doesn’t spread throughout your living space as quickly or intensely as the fur of other breeds like the French Bulldog. If anything, the French Bulldog isĀ hyperallergenic; a word I made up to suggest that Frenchies are a horrible idea with people with moderate to severe canine allergies.

So again, no. French bulldogs are not hypoallergenic.

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