Barking Muse Organic Cleanser – Good shampoo for french bulldogs

Today I bring you a review of an organic pet cleanser from The Barking Muse. This product was given to me to try out and provide feedback. I will honestly say, I am pretty pleased with the results. This cleanser makes a great shampoo for french bulldogs. We don’t like to use strong cleansers and shampoos on our french bulldogs unless they’re very dirty. We prefer gentler cleansers that leave the natural oils in their coats. This shampoo from The Barking Muse is very hydrating. To boot, it’s also a really great cleanser without the use of soap. Just check out the label:

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There are a lot of ingredients in this cleanser that I really like to see. Jojoba and Olive Oil are both great for your french bulldog’s fur. The combination is pH balanced so it doesn’t dry out your french bulldog’s skin. There also vitamin E and Aloe in there, as well as several more identifiable ingredients in the complete list near the bottom.

A Good Shampoo for French Bulldogs:

We used this shampoo a handful of times before shooting the video below. Each time we used it, we were happy with the results. We don’t bathe our frenchies too often so it’s important to get them cleaned well when we do. I love how it does not include any soaps. This is the key to not causing dry skin. Soap generally removes far too many of the natural oils in your french bulldog’s coat. This cleanser must either replace what it removes, or doesn’t strip those natural oils out. I’m not certain on how this product achieves a foamy lather without soap but it does (see video). After their baths, my french bulldogs smelled great and their fur felt clean. So the absence of a soap doesn’t appear to be a problem at all.

Despite the hydrating qualities of this cleanser, we still do not recommend bathing your french bulldog more than once per month. It’s more important that you keep their face, eyes, and ears clean and their nails trimmed.  Bathing too often can really put stress on your french bulldog’s skin and fur. I consider the lack of any saponifying agents (soaps) in this cleanser to be a positive attribute. Getting my french bulldogs clean without drying out their skin and coat is very important to me. Keeping the oils in their fur also makes them less itchy, in general.

This Product Is Not A Medicated Shampoo

Keep in mind that dry skin on your french bulldog could be a sign of trouble. If your French Bulldog suddenly has dry, itchy skin, then you may want to check for a larger issue. You’ve seen me recommend shampoos with chlorhexidine in other posts and videos. Those shampoos are typically prescribed for skin problems like allergy-induced itchiness. This product from the Barking Muse is not a medicated product.

Other Reasons We Like This Shampoo

Another reason I really like this shampoo is the cruelty-free statement. This means that The Barking Muse does not test this product on animals. This is very important to me. Dogs, cats, and other animals are often used in commercial testing. I am pleased to see that The Barking Muse does not test on animals.

shampoo for french bulldogs

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I’m also pretty happy about the price. Since we have 5 french bulldogs, we go through expendable products like shampoo rather quickly. This is true if we’re only bathing our frenchies once per month.. As of writing this cleanser is $16.00 for a 12oz bottle. A 12oz bottle has provided about 9 washes so far. We have about 1/3 of the bottle left. So, a single bottle is roughly a 2 month supply for us.

All told, we were happy to have reviewed this cleanser. It turned out to be a great product and we’re in love with the scent. It almost smells good enough to eat (PSA: Don’t eat it).  Check out the video below.


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