I’ve Been Keeping a Secret – Lottie is Pregnant! Our French Bulldog is Pregnant!

I have a pregnant french bulldog. My little baby Lottie girl is about 53 days into her gestation cycle.


Today, we had an ultrasound at the venerable Chevy Chase Animal Clinic in Lexington, KY. Dr. Headley and crew we’re happy to let us film a little while Lottie had her ultrasound. The doc tells us we can expect 4-6 puppies, maybe more even more! Lottie always was an overachiever!

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As many of you who read this blog know, a pregnant french bulldog requires around the clock care. If a pregnant frenchie goes into labor in the middle of the night, the birthing can kill the dam and all of the puppies. A french bulldog’s birth canal is shaped like a carpenter’s square, it’s vertical and then takes a sharp 90-degree turn inward toward the dam’s ribs. This is especially true in smaller, petite examples of the breed. Lottie is only 22lbs and so natural birth would be a large risk to her puppies. For that reason, during her pregnancy, we decided to deliver her puppies via cesarean section. It’s the safest for Lottie and all of her puppies and it’s virtually the gold standard for delivering puppies of the brachycephalic taxonomies.

I have asked the fine folks at Chevy Chase Animal Clinic to allow me to film the entirety of the procedure using my GoPro mounted in the operating theater. I am waiting on approval from the anesthesiologist and the surgeon who will perform the cesarean section. Having a pregnant french bulldog in the house has been fun and overwhelming. We’re positive that Lottie is ready to get it over with. She gained nearly 8lbs during this pregnancy. That’s 40% of her total body weight! Pregnancy is hard on french bulldogs and other small breeds. A pregnant french bulldog requires lots of extra calories, water, and care. Her little fat belly nearly scrapes the ground! But, Lottie is in good spirits and Auggie is certainly one proud father. I hope to capture lots of funny french bulldog videos of Lottie and Auggie playing with their puppies.


That’s all for now, I’ll be back soon.


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