Frenchie Dentist: How to brush your dog’s teeth

Believe it or not, you need to learn how to brush your dog’s teeth. French bulldogs require dental care just like any other dog. Scheduled brushing and cleaning will ensure your frenchie’s teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue are clean, healthy, and free of any detritus they collect from sniffing and licking the floor. It’s a cinch to brush your french bulldog’s teeth once you get into the habit. Just make sure you get a canine-friendly dental kit. Also, feeding a high-quality hard food will ensure your frenchie’s teeth are strong, get plenty of intermittent scrubbing, and will keep your frenchie’s teeth sparkling white.

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French bulldogs have some hilariously jacked up teeth. It’s actually acceptable within the breed standard to have wonky teeth and a sizable under-bite. Surprisingly, most french bulldogs are easy-going about getting their teeth brushed. Check out the video to learn how to brush your dog’s teeth:

How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Trust me, it’s a lot easier than it looks. We recommend just grabbing a dental kit and some toothpaste made specifically for dogs. French bulldog teeth require brushing around once per week, maybe twice for particularly stained teeth.

How to Brush your Dog’s Teeth – Step by Step

  1. Acquire a canine-only toothbrush and toothpaste, we like the Petrodex dental kit for an all-inclusive, cost effective option.
  2. Make sure your frenchie has already exercised or had a chance to get out any residual energy for the day.
  3. Feed your french bulldog dinner and wait about an hour before beginning to brush their teeth.
  4. Entice your frenchie with a treat to get their attention, placing them front-and-center before you.
  5. Wet the doggy toothbrush and apply approximately 3 pea-sized lumps to the brush.
  6. Place your thumb directly between their front teeth, pulling down gently on their jaw.
  7. Push the toothbrush into your frenchie’s mouth, gently, down towards their back teeth.
  8. Brush in gentle circles, aiming to spend approximately 10 seconds brush each area of your dog’s teeth.
  9. Brush their upper and lower cuspids, molars, and behind their front teeth near the alveolar bridge (roof of their mouth near the front).
  10. Gently brush your french bulldog’s gums, the insides of their cheeks, and their tongue.
  11. Be patient with your french bulldog and allow them to rest their head, neck, and jaws while your brush.


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