How Long Do French Bulldogs Live?

When you’re contemplating getting a French Bulldog, or any dog for that matter, it’s common to ask yourself “How long do French Bulldogs live?” Will I be able to dedicate that many years of my life to ensuring the safety and happiness of my companion? How often do I need to travel? Will I have to board my beloved French Bulldog, a very delicate and demanding breed, while I am traveling for work or leisure? It’s important to ask how long your French Bulldog can be expected to live in order to get a sense of the responsibility you’re taking on. Conversely, you must consider the reality that one day, you will have to say a harsh goodbye to your companion and the pain and melancholy that follows can greatly affect your life thereafter.

How to Do French Bulldogs Live, Realistically?

French Bulldogs have a relatively moderate life expectancy under ideal conditions, especially compared to other small breeds, clocking in at around 12 years of happy, chubby, and healthy life. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule and some French Bulldogs have been known to live up to 15 or 16 years, while others have tragically died much younger. French Bulldogs are replete with health problems within the breed and there are many factors to consider when trying to get a sense of how long your French Bulldog will live. If your Frenchy came from a suspicious breeder or a puppy mill, and you rescued them, then there’s a good chance that they’ll have health problems later in life that their responsibly-bred counterparts will not have. Kennel cough and other common canine ailments can severely degrade the length and quality of life your French Bulldog enjoys. The easiest way to ensure your Frenchie lives a long and happy life is to only work with AKC-registered breeders who are professional, clean, caring, and responsible. A breeder trying to manage 4-5 litters at once with limited space and resources should never be trusted. In fact, you should report breeders who even make you feel as though they’re being irresponsible with their pets. Animal cruelty laws go a long way and shutting down an irresponsible breeder is a moral duty we all share.

Beyond picking a good breeder to work with, you should also understand that French Bulldogs are like small children. They’re highly curious and will dig and root around in anything in your home. You must “baby proof” your house if you’re going to own a French Bulldog. One need look no further than what happened to The Rock’s (Dwayne Johnson) French Bulldog Brutus. They will chew up nearly anything if they’re left along with it long enough. They have powerful jaws that require safe chew toys to exercise the muscles and stave off discomfort. Without safe chew toys, a Frenchie’s jaws can ache and hurt and their teeth and gums can suffer from various dental diseases. A high quality, grain-free, meat-based hard kibble will ensure your Frenchie’s teeth are clean and healthy. The occasional wet good mixed into their food every few days or so will remind your Frenchie that you love them. Love can go a long way in elongating your French Bulldog’s lifespan.

Hank the French Bulldog, Elderly French Bulldog, Old French Bulldog, How Long Do French Bulldogs Live

Denise Richard’s deceased French Bulldog, Hank, lived a beautiful life of 13 years!

Several studies have shown that animals confined to cages for long periods of time have shortened lifespans. We are not against “crating” or “kenneling” dogs, but we’re vehemently opposed to forcing a dog to stay in a crate for more than an hour at a time. A dog should never be forcibly kept in a container it did not ask to be placed in. A crate is a cage and a cage is a jail cell. Although dogs are, in an evolutionary sense, cave dwelling animals, their sociobiology has changed drastically since the time when dogs roamed in packs and slept in caves. Dogs have evolved with their domestication and are no longer psychologically fit to be contained in cages when they become inconvenient. The kennel or crate can be a safe-haven for your dog if the door is kept open and a small blanket is draped on the outside. If your French Bulldog is trained to understand that the crate is a safe place they can choose to go into when they feel threatened or lonely, then they will treat it as such and go to their crate when they feel the need. If you use the crate as a means of punishment or as a “time-out” place, then you’re only hurting your animal. It is cruel and inhumane to place a dog in a crate if the premise is punishment or mere lack of convenience for the dog to be out of the crate. Further, it is even more unjust and inhumane to keep a dog in a kennel for more than an hour or so. Crating a dog while you go to work for 12 hours suggests that you didn’t consider the well-being of your animal before you purchased their companionship. Keeping a dog in a crate all day can severely degrade their mood, morale, and therefore, their lifespan. If you want your French Bulldog to live a nice, long, happy, and loving life, then dedicate a room in your house to be your Frenchie’s room. Fill it with toys, a bed, an always-open crate with a bed and blanket, water bowl, and a television or radio and let them play in that room all day while you’re out working or running errands. Do not condemn your dog to a crate. It will shorten their life.

Finally, your French Bulldog’s life can be dramatically improved with regular (and I mean regular) visits to a veterinarian. French Bulldogs require all the standard means of health care that any other dog would, plus the added reality that Frenchies have lots of health problems and you must actively monitor your dog’s health in order to ensure that they’re happy, healthy, and ready to live a nice long life. Veterinarian visits should be regularly scheduled every 3 months at minimum and you should always keep contact information for an emergency 24/7 animal clinic stored in your phone. Your French Bulldog should receive heartworm treatments, flea treatments, blood panels, and other diagnostic tests as regularly as your veterinarian suggests. Blood panels will give you an exhaustive overview of your French Bulldog’s general health and will give you a greater idea of how long your French Bulldog will live relative to any deficiencies they may have. This will allow you to correct your Frenchie’s diet and provide vitamins and supplements to ensure your French Bulldog is receiving optimal nutrition. Taking your French Bulldog to the veterinarian only when you think there’s an emergency will not suffice. French Bulldogs are a delicate breed and their health must be actively monitored to ensure that they’re happy and 100% healthy.

Other hazards that can reduce your French Bulldog’s life:

Poor education. Go read this post on how to perform CPR on a dog, how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on a dog, and download the free printable posters and put them all around your house. Knowing this procedure can save your dog’s life.

Not monitoring your French Bulldog near water.

Eating poisonous plants.

how long do french bulldogs live

how long do french bulldogs live

how long do french bulldogs live


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