French Bulldog Temperament

All about the french bulldog temperament.

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You’ve probably heard other frenchie owners evangelizing the uncompromising superiority of french bulldogs. We talk about our frenchies as though they were human (they are, shhh). French bulldogs are famous, above all else, for one thing: being the most hilarious breed of dog known to man. The french bulldog temperament solidifies their place in anyone’s heart. There are people who claim their dog has a very expressive personality, then there’s any French Bulldog–off in a league of her own. Frenchies are unparalleled when it comes to temperament and personality. French Bulldogs are hilarious, rambunctious, but also tender and sweet. Sometimes, they’re even stoic.

What’s the French Bulldog temperament like?

We can only think of one word: fun.

french bulldog temperament, all about frenchies, french bulldogs, frenchies, french bull dogs, french bulldog behavior

French bulldogs are often full of energy but still happy to sleep and fart all day on the couch, making them great apartment dwellers. They can get plenty of exercise running around the house followed by a short evening walk. Frenchies don’t need too much action. They make their own fun. Think of the french bulldog temperament like a merrily drunk baby. They’re hilarious to watch. Ask anyone who owns a french bulldog and they’ll tell you how funny they are when they get worked up.

French bulldog’s have a hilarious temperament. They’re either lazy or a complete spazz (see video below). The french bulldog temperament is full of life. There’s a reason they’re officially called “The Clown in the Cloak of the Philosopher.” They’re certainly clowns, but also stoic like other breeds. Most significant of all their traits is their humorous demeanor. French bulldogs only know how to have fun or loaf around and relax. They’re either the life of the party or they’re snoring loudly.

Is the french bulldog temperament good for kids? What about elderly people?

Yes and yes. French bulldogs make great companions for kids because they’re very playful but small enough not to hurt a child. French bulldogs make great watch dogs for children because frenchies are very territorial. A french bulldog will bark at anything unfamiliar to them. However, french bulldogs are also great companions for elderly people, as well. French bulldogs are generally small enough not to be a bother to pick up and hold. French bulldogs can jump onto most couches or arm chairs to sit with their owners, too. French bulldogs make great lap dogs. French bulldogs are happy to hang out around the house and take it easy. Remember, though, that a french bulldog still requires at least a daily walk. A little daily exercise is a must.

Are there any unfavorable quirks to the french bulldog temperament?

Sure. We’re generalizing here, but all living creatures will display social quirks that can come off as “bad”. Frenchies are still dogs (just don’t tell them that) and will occasionally remind you that they’re not perfect (they are). Frenchies will bark, growl, and run wildly around the house when they get worked up. Just laugh it off. Their energy and liveliness can bring a joy to someone’s life unlike any other pet. Young or old, we recommend frenchies to everyone. They make incredible family dogs.

french bulldog temperament, all about frenchies, french bulldogs, frenchies, french bull dogs, french bulldog behavior

Are french bulldogs ever ill-tempered?

French bulldogs startle easily. If you go poking and prodding a french bulldog while she sleeps, you might get a gentle nip. That said, our french bulldogs have never, ever intentionally bit or tried to harm us. Of all the french bulldogs I’ve ever seen, not once have I had an owner tell me that their french bulldog bit someone. Frenchies have a big bark (and they can back it up when it counts) but 9 times out of 10, they just big babies.

Here’s a video of our french bulldogs playing in the snow storm that recently swept through the U.S. You can see just how energetic and playful french bulldogs can be. If you’re considering a french bulldog as a companion, we will testify that you cannot find a better dog.


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