Litter of French Bulldog Puppies: Lottie’s first litter #pupdate

Hey all, I am exhausted from caring for puppies all through last night and then working a good 12 hours or so today. Pardon the very informal video, both of Lottie’s parents (us) are weary and tired. Lottie is doing great and she has a total of seven (!!!) puppies. The puppies are all nursing, healthy, and snuggling close to mama. We’ll try to document as much as we can to help you get an idea of what goes into raising a litter of french bulldog puppies. As I mentioned in the video, this litter is pretty much spoken for; we will start a waiting list if anything changes.

Thanks to all of you for coming here and reading my blog. I truly appreciate it and I am humbled to have you along on this journey with me.

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