French Bulldog Cost

What Does a French Bulldog Cost?

A French Bulldog puppy can cost anywhere between $1400 all the way up to $8500. Depending on where you live and who you intend to buy your French Bulldog from will be the major factors that affect the price of your French Bulldog puppy. We do not recommend buying a French Bulldog registered with any canine registry except the American Kennel Club (AKC). The AKC is the only legitimate canine registry in America. Any other registry is a paper mill, a puppy mill registry, and a scam. I repeat, never buy a French Bulldog without AKC papers.

That does not mean that if you want to adopt a French Bulldog from a reputable French Bulldog rescue network that you should not adopt a dog that is not registered with the AKC. You will find that very few if any French Bulldogs available for adoption will have their proper paperwork. This is because French Bulldogs in rescues are typically forfeited or rescued from malicious owners who did not care for them. You can imagine that someone going to rescue a dog from an unfavorable person isn’t going to be in a position to request any formal paperwork.

French Bulldog Cost – Why so expensive?

What makes a french bulldog cost so much? Regrettably, French Bulldogs are a very rare breed of dog. They’re very difficult to breed correctly. Running a kennel and breeding French Bulldogs is an 80-hour/week full-time job. French Bulldog dams (female mommy doggies) cannot deliver litters by natural birth. Allowing a French Bulldog to deliver by natural birth almost always jeopardizes the puppies and the dam, often resulting in the loss of a puppy and sometimes even the dam. An experienced breeder knows that French Bulldogs must undergo cesarean section in order to have safely have healthy babies. Cesarean sections are expensive as well as the initial immunizations for the puppies, and not to mention the round-the-clock care required for the new mother and her french bulldog puppies. Add to that the cost of $54/dog to register a litter of puppies with the AKC. Then add to that the cost of feeding, veterinary checkups, toys, bedding and comfort items, and miscellaneous materials required to raise a litter of puppies. All of this gets very expensive, so breeders can charge a premium for their puppies. It’s just how it works.

French Bulldog Cost – The Hidden Cost of Owning a Frenchie

What else makes a french bulldog cost so much to own? Besides their inherently expensive pricing, Frenchies are also prone to many, many health issues that require prevention and regular (very, very regular) visits to the vet. While you’ll find thousands of french bulldog owners who have never had an issue with their dog, you’ll find just as many who have had frenchies with sad, frequent health issues. It isn’t pretty. Veterinarians are not cheap. When you get a french bulldog puppy, you’re responsible for their initial vet visit immediately after you take your new puppy home. You’re responsible for registering your dog with the AKC (which can cost upwards of $140 for the whole package). You’re responsible for their immunizations and “shots” over the first 8 weeks of ownership. You’re responsible for their food, bedding, toys, and treats. Further, you’re responsible for any veterinary costs for some of the many, many health issues french bulldogs can develop. Finally, you’re responsible for caring and loving your companion throughout their life. As an example, we recently purchased a new female puppy as a playmate for our adult male. Her cost was $1600 plus $147 for the full registration package from AKC with all the add-ons available (including a sweet Reggie Box with lots of cool gear for new puppies). The following day, we paid a total of $120.45 in veterinary costs for an examination (this is often required by kennels and breeders to keep your ‘puppy warranty’), some Clavamox for some congestion causing labored breathing, and a low-dosage 30-day heartworm/flea/tick medication. Then we spent around $45 on puppy food, a bag of treats, a small collar (that she’ll grow out of in a month), a leash, and a tiny harness (that she’ll grow out of in 2 weeks). That total is $1912.45 and we’ve only had her for 3 days. You see now how the price of the puppy itself is only one consideration? See what makes a french bulldog cost so much money? They’re expensive!

French Bulldog Cost – Is It Worth It?

Here’s the bottom line when considering getting a french bulldog: do not purchase a dog you cannot afford. Just because you have the money doesn’t mean you can afford it. French bulldogs require the equivalent care of a toddler. They’re wonderful pets, their personalities are amazing, french bulldogs are fiercely loyal, and they’re the cutest dogs on the planet but that all comes at a price. To truly care and provide a healthy life for a french bulldog means having the disposable income to offset their inherently high costs. Further, the upfront french bulldog cost is only one consideration. There are myriad secondary costs associated with owning a french bulldog. Take a step back and consider your finances, the time required to care for a french bulldog, and the overall commitment involved: the cost is more than money. The true cost is money plus time plus lots of work to ensure your frenchie lives in a safe, happy environment, makes frequent trips to the vet for checkups, and finally, you don’t end up pulling your hair out over not being able to provide for your innocent companion.

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