French Bulldog Breeding – Can I Do It?

The short answer is no. No, you cannot just start breeding your French Bulldog.

French Bulldogs have many, many special medical needs and are prone to birth defects and other issues if poor breeding takes place.  French Bulldog breeding is hard. Let me repeat that, it’s HARD. Frenchies are notoriously stubborn to breed effectively and safely. French Bulldog females are often totally incapable of giving natural birth due to hip dysplasia (hips are weakened and too narrow for natural birth). This means breeding your female french bulldogs will often require a caesarian section (c-section). Further, French Bulldog puppies are incredibly delicate and must have around-the-clock care in order to ensure the litter is breathing well, eating well, and not too hot or cold.

French Bulldog Breeding and Health Concerns

French Bulldogs are replete with health concerns and breeders work year after year trying to improve the overall health and well-being of the breed by selecting champion international pedigrees, paying thousands for top quality studs, and going so far as to rely on modern bio-genetic engineering to try and filter out fatal health conditions in their puppies. French Bulldogs are prone to fatal breathing problems due to pinched nostrils (known as stenotic nares), an elongated soft palette, and hyperventilation due to excessive exercise, exhaustion, and  overheating. Further, French Bulldogs can suffer from hip dysplasia, abnormal vertebrae, and/or premature degeneration of intervertebral discs. A French Bulldog’s spine and hips warrant special attention from a veterinarian. Breeding French Bulldogs with health issues is the primary cause of the continuation and proliferation of genetic health issues in the breed. “Backyard” breeders seeking only a profit disregard these problems in their French Bulldogs and continue breeding, causing major pain and discomfort for their puppies and future generations.

Backyard French Bulldog Breeding is Unethical

If you found this page by searching “Can I breed my french bulldog?” or “French Bulldog Breeding”, or “French Bulldog Breeding Process” (I did my research on what you’re searching), then it’s likely that you’re new to the world of breeding french bulldogs. Further, if you’ve resorted to a search engine to find information about French Bulldog breeding, it’s even more likely that you have no experience breeding dogs at all. Breeding a rare breed of dog like Frenchies is difficult and when done wrong, only hurts the animal and their offspring. Backyard French Bulldog breeding is a terrible thing to do or attempt to do. We’re in the habit of calling the ASPCA and AKC when we find people who are breeding dogs in non-professional conditions. If you have no experience breeding French Bulldogs, then we are begging you please do not try. Consult with a professional breeder first. Breeders do not breed and show their champion animals for profit. They breed French Bulldogs to try and help the breed live longer, healthier lives by breeding out or circumventing bad health problems. The French Bulldog Club of America will not permit French Bulldogs who have had any medical procedures other than removal of the dewclaws. This is critical to preserving and protecting the breed. French Bulldogs are one of the most celebrated dog breeds of all time, but poor and immoral breeding practices has resulted in the proliferation of health issues among the breed.

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