Specialized Bowl for French Bulldogs

A specialized bowl for french bulldogs? You can’t be serious.

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Eating from a specialty bowl for french bulldogs.

I’m so serious.

We got a chance to try out a bowl made specifically for frenchies (and other smushy-faced breeds). We were a little skeptical, since a bowl can’t possibly be anything more than a bowl. I guess I was wrong.

Why a specialized bowl for french bulldogs? Why not…a regular bowl?

The whole idea might seem preposterous and ridiculous, so let me start with this. Think of this as a luxury for your french bulldog. We found practical uses for the bowl, including reducing the amount of choking and coughing while our frenchies scarf down their food. So it goes both ways. In the end, these things are dirt cheap, so nothing is really lost if you don’t observe any noticeable benefits. We found that our french bulldogs appear to be much more comfortable while stuffing their face.

This began when we noticed that momma Lottie began to, literally, try to inhale her food. She was displaying food aggression towards her puppies and would eat so fast that she choked. I scratched my head over it for a little while and then someone told me to google search “Enhanced Pet Bowl”. So, off I went. At the other end of a google search I found myself looking at a specialized bowl for french bulldogs.

bowl for french bulldogs

The bowl itself is kind of funny-looking. It has a progressing angle with the front rim being significantly closer to the ground than the back. It was new to us in every way. We had been using elevated bowls for years. We decided to take the plunge and we bought one of them. We have to buy things one at a time–even though we have five french bulldogs. If they end up not using it, we usually pass whatever “it” is along to someone else. Try before you buy (for the rest of your frenchies, haha).

The Principle Behind a Specialty Bowl for French Bulldogs

The idea is simple. French bulldogs are close to the ground and they have thick necks. It isn’t ideal for them to fully extend their head horizontally while eating. The ideal position would be to hover over their food (“prey”) like they would in wild nature. In this position, there’s less strain on their neck and they can adjust their forward/backward distance from the bowl as needed. With an elevated bowl, your french bulldog would just find her chin sitting on the edge if she took two steps backwards. The idea behind this bowl is to put your french bulldog into a more comfortable position while eating. The hope is that doing so will encourage better eating habits (i.e. slower ingestion) and more chewing.

bowl for french bulldogs

The bowl also has an inclined feeding surface, which encourages the food to progressively shift down towards the lowest part of the bowl. This aids in keeping your frenchie’s face closest to the most dense portion of food while they eat. What we’ve observed so far is that the bowl definitely makes Lottie choke and gag less, but she doesn’t eat any slower. This isn’t surprising. There are specialty slow-feeding bowls for that purpose, which we also have. Overall, we’re pleased with the results, so after we move into our new home, we’ll likely purchase 4 more for the rest of the smushy-face crew.

How A Slow-Feeder Bowl Works – Just For Giggles

So, what are the benefits of a food bowl for french bulldogs?

Well, the benefits aren’t so cut and dry. This is a luxury item but we’ve found practical uses for it.

  • Correct posture while eating.
  • Low front rim allows your frenchie to get closer to their food.
  • More comfortable and natural stance while eating.
  • Decreases strain on your french bulldog’s neck.
  • Conducive to slower eating and more chewing, but we’ve not observed this yet.

In summation, I’m pretty happy with it overall. Lottie isn’t hacking like a sailor who smokes two packs a day. If anything, the $10 was worth putting an end to that noise. Give it a try from Amazon if you’re curious.


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