Dwayne Johnson French Bulldog: Why You Should Care about Brutus Passing Away

How to Improve Your French Bulldog’s Odds of Surviving – The Tragic Passing of The Rock’s French Bulldog, Brutus

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Dwayne Johnson’s French Bulldog Brutus

Tragically, news media outlets are waxing sentimentally (and rightly so) over the passing of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s adorable french bulldog named Brutus. The Rock adopted Brutus and his second Frenchie companion, Hobbs, around a month ago. Today, Mr. Johnson had to make the incredibly difficult decision to remove Brutus from life support after he ingested a toxic mushroom while playing outside. Sadly, all too often, we overlook the grim reality that in our own backyards and even inside our own cabinets and homes are substances and chemicals that are fatally toxic to our french bulldogs, or any dog, for that matter. Within minutes of ingesting something toxic, a french bulldog can enter circulatory shock. Minutes later, their already-fickle immune systems can fail, killing them. I do not know the nuances of The Rock’s situation with his French Bulldog, other than it was playing outside and ate a mushroom (like any puppy would) that proved to be fatally toxic. That said, here is what you should do if your french bulldog ingests something poisonous.

Prevent Disaster by Being Prepared

  1. Save the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline number below into your phone, so it’s available on a moment’s notice. Time is critical when your french bulldog has potentially been poisoned.
  2. Save the phone number for the closest 24 hour Emergency pet clinic near your home. Do the same for your regular veterinarian.
  3. Keep a large syringe (you don’t need a needle) on hand with some 3% hydrogen peroxide. We’ll get to these items later.
  4. Memorize the location of the closest veterinarian to your home. Time is, again, critical to your french bulldog’s survival.
  5. Monitor your dog constantly. It sounds like helicopter parenting, but it can save your dog’s life.
  6. Frequently trim and weed suspicious plants, trees, vines, and make it a habit to pluck all mushrooms near your dog’s outdoor play area. Throw away all the debris.

Have SOMEONE ELSE call the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline (888) 426-4435

You’re going to be busy following the steps below. If you’re alone with your french bulldog and cannot get someone else to call the number above, call it immediately and put it on speaker phone. Tend to your frenchie while you wait and follow the steps below.

Induce emesis – or, make your dog vomit

The medical term is inducing emesis but if you’re 100% certain your dog ate something poisonous and they’re still conscious, standing, and moving, induce vomiting. Do not do this if your french bulldog is already vomiting. If your french bulldog is unconscious, non-responsive, or completely listless, do not induce vomiting: you can cause aspiration pneumonia which can cause your french bulldog to suck fluids into their lungs.

To induce vomiting, take your syringe and 3% hydrogen peroxide while you wait for the ASPCA hot line to take your call. Suck about 5ml (5cc on the syringe or roughly 1 teaspoon) of the hydrogen peroxide into your syringe, place the syringe into your dog’s mouth and squirt the hydrogen peroxide into the back of your frenchie’s throat. Massage their throat to encourage them to swallow. The syringe we linked to above has a short hose that can be placed closer to the back of your french bulldog’s throat to ensure they swallow the hydrogen peroxide.

Hopefully by now, you’ve got a representative from the hot line on the phone. Immediately begin explaining what you think your french bulldog ingested, tell them what part of the world you live in, and answer all of their questions quickly. If your dog has not vomited yet, administer another 5 milliliters of hydrogen peroxide, up to 45 milliliters total (and no more!), and continue to talk to the Poison Control Hotline representative. When your french bulldog vomits, prepare to collect a sample of the vomit in a water-tight container so the veterinarian can test the vomit for signs of what has poisoned your dog.

Place your dog in a shallow basket, like a laundry basket, and rush them to the closest veterinarian or 24-hour emergency pet clinic

You should be preparing to rush your dog to the ER or veterinarian while you induce vomiting and talk to the ASPCA poison hot line rep. Get your keys on hand, do not leave your dog’s side, and monitor their condition very closely. If your frenchie is non-responsive or unconscious, immediately place them in your car and rush to your vet or 24-hour pet clinic if it’s after normal business hours.

Provide a vomit sample and describe what happened to your frenchie

Answer the veterinarian’s questions as accurately as possible and insist that the situation is urgent. After that, hope for the best.

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