Are French Bulldogs Registered with the Continental Kennel Club Safe to Buy?

In a word: No. Never, ever, ever buy a dog registered with the CKC (Continental Kennel Club) if your intention is to breed, show, or stud the animal. Further, anyone claiming to be a breeder and registering puppies and litters with the CKC (Continental Kennel Club, again) should be reported, as they’re probably running a puppy mill. The Continental Kennel Club is a giant scam. Mike Roy, the owner of the CKC, does not care about the quality of breeds or the animals he allows to be registered with his illegitimate company. Let’s break down the facts:

The Continental Kennel Club Versus the American Kennel Club

The venerable and coveted American Kennel Club, known colloquially as the “AKC” is the standard by which champion dogs and their pedigrees are registered. This is especially true for rare and uncommon breeds such as the French Bulldog. The AKC hosts countless conformation, agility, and Best in Show events all over the country and world at large. There are endless titles and ranks professionally administered and presided over by the AKC. What all this amounts to is a reliable, safe, and storied organization where 100% purebred dogs can be monitored for breeding quality, show-worthiness, and more. The AKC has in its posession over 100 years of documented dog breed pedigrees. Their requirements for registering litters are stringent. Both parents must be AKC registered in order to register a litter. Pedigrees can be tracked right from the AKC website. This means if you by an AKC-registered puppy, you can log on and use the AKC registry number provided by your breeder and track your puppy’s lineage all the way back to the early 1900’s, if the breed existed at the time.

Now Stop.

Realize that the CKC offers none of this. The Continental Kennel Club is a scam that allows puppy mill operators to “register” “purebred” dogs for free. They have no system of tracking and validating pedigrees, and they’ve only existed since 1991, so they’re probably younger than half of you reading this. What’s wrong with not tracking pedigrees? There’s absolutely zero guarantee that your puppy is 100% purebred. If you’re buying a $2500 puppy for breeding and showing, then something as simple as a verified pedigree is customary, explicit, and expected. The Continental Kennel Club does not offer reliable pedigrees for their registered dogs. The AKC provides 100+ years of pedigrees and lineages in their databases. From the very beginning, the AKC has approached breed management through stringent biology and documentation. Official AKC-accepted breeds are qualified by documented histories of registered litters between dams and sires dating back nearly 100 years. The Continental Kennel Club cannot offer this reliability to you.

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The Continental Kennel Club Has No Registration Standard

The CKC will allow anyone with any dog, regardless of pedigree, to register their litters and receive paperwork (for free) that looks like legitimate dog registration applications similar to what one would receive from an AKC-registered breeder. This is a continuation of the scam. The CKC requires only a handful of photos to register a dog as purebred. Any (malicious) person can start “breeding” dogs and registering their litters without any of the stringent breed standards provided by the AKC. This means the degradation of the breed. The CKCs cheap prices for “registering” dams and sires paired with their total inability to regulate their breed standards permits anyone with enough disregard and hubris to start breeding and selling dogs registered through their breeders program; no matter the health or viability of the dogs being bred. The CKC exists purely as a scam to fool unsuspecting people into buying questionably bred dogs from breeders who do not want to adhere to the humane and stringent quality standards set forth by the AKC. The CKC is attempting to create a grey market for puppy millers who do not want to pay the extra fees to the AKC; these “breeders” are seeking a profit and are blatantly disregarding the well-being of their dams, sires, and puppies.

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The CKC has been accused of fraud on several occasions and the company can regularly be found on “rip off” report websites all across the Internet. Just Google “Continental Kennel Club” and see for yourself.

Note Well:

If you are absolutely in love with a puppy registered with the Continental Kennel Club, try to set your emotions aside and consider the ramifications of paying the breeder for the dog. Your first course of action when encountering people trying to sell puppies registered with the CKC is to report the breeder to the ASPCA or other local animal welfare institution, because it’s highly likely that they’re running a puppy mill. We have personally dug up several puppy mills operating as legitimate breeders by simply looking up who registers their animals with the Continental Kennel Club. Nine times out of ten, the conditions were unfit for the animals and the owners were slapped with some nice legal charges for their hubris. When searching for a people, we encourage you to report anyone attempting to sell animals registered with the CKC, as it is an immediate red flag of sub-par breeding and it follows that cutting corners means poor conditions for the puppies and their parents.



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