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We can work with your needs to market specific products and services. If you’ve got a great product you think would be great for French Bulldogs, then get in contact with us and we can talk about getting your product in front of our 20,000+ monthly readers. Got a service you want Frenchie owners to know about? We can help you with that. Simply want to advertise on our site? We’ve got 4 ad slots strategically placed to give you results. We rotate our ads every half an hour, automatically, to provide a better experience to our readers and to ensure you’re getting seen. Here are some options we currently offer:

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G. Jordan Johnson, All About Frenchies

All About Frenchies was created by G. Jordan Johnson, a recognized Lexington, KY technologist and programmer. Jordan’s expertise and understanding of the breed allows him to leverage great authority on the topic of French Bulldogs, and he has the numbers to back it up. Each month, thousands of readers visit his site to learn more about Frenchies. Through All About Frenchies, Jordan has already partnered with some very recognizable brands, all in an effort to provide free content and to inform the world about French Bulldogs.

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