Crazy for French Bulldogs

All About Frenchies is a website about everything French Bulldog. All About Frenchies is run by Jordan and Betsy. The pair are dedicated to the preservation and proliferation of the French Bulldog breed through exhaustively stringent breeding practices, careful observation of breed standards, and the proliferation of strong, reputable pedigrees.french bulldog information, about french bulldogs, information on frenchies, frenchies, french bulldogs, french bulldog


Together, they support proper breeding practices through educating others about the benefits of qualified AKC registration, responsible ownership and commitments, and disseminating knowledge about the French Bulldog breed. The pair vigilantly seeks to defend, proliferate, and ultimately make French Bulldogs a more common, widely available pet option by encouraging professional breeders to breed healthier French Bulldogs regularly.

What All About Frenchies Can Offer You

All About Frenchies offers a complimentary French Bulldog ownership course titled French Bulldogs 101, available at no cost to users. Further, All About Frenchies hosts a user forum for breeders, french bulldog owners, and puppy-seekers to gather and discuss the breed. Most important of all, All About Frenchies is filled with blog posts to help you learn all you can about French Bulldogs!

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Meet Our French Bulldog

This website about French Bulldogs is dedicated entirely to our beloved French Bulldog and faithful companion, Auggie (Auguste “la petite pepite” Renoir). We purchased Auggie as a puppy in August of 2013 and he has become the center of our world. Auggie is of a champion pedigree and has quite the Instagram following!

French Bulldog, Auggie, Auguste, Auggie the Frenchie, French Bulldog 101, Cute French BulldogWe hope that you enjoy our French Bulldog candor. We also hope that you will stay here and read with us and learn as much as you can about French Bulldogs. They really are a truly wonderful breed of dog. To us, French Bulldogs lit up and changed our world and it is our goal to teach the world about these incredible dogs.

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