Reggie Box Review – Woofipedia Puppy Pack

Reggie Box (or the Woofipedia Pack) is an awesome puppy starter pack you can purchase when registering your french bulldog puppy with the AKC. It’s got some great stuff to help comfort your new puppy as they grow up in your loving household. Let’s run down the Reggie Box / Woofipedia Pack you can purchase when initially registering your french bulldog puppy with the AKC. This Reggie Box / Woofipedia Pack collaborative effort is only available when you’re initially registering your puppy with the American Kennel Club. Note that this is a normal Reggie Box offered through the AKC rebranded as a Woofipedia Pack. There is no difference in price through either company and the contents are the same. More than likely, the AKC is collaborating with Reggie Box to fulfill the orders for the AKC when owners register their new puppies and optionally choose to add the Woofipedia Pack. If you go to the Reggie Box site, and then hover over “Shop” you’ll see a link that says “Order Puppy Pack”. That link takes you directly to the Woofipedia website. So, it’s definitely a collaboration. Scroll past the video for a quick rundown of the Reggie Box / Woofipedia pack contents.

Reggie Box Review

Reggie Box Contents

The Woofipedia pack / Reggie Box contains some really neat stuff for new french bulldog owners. Here’s a run down of what’s inside:

  1. A personalized bath towel for your puppy.
  2. JW Pet Company Good Breath Bone
  3. Cloud Star Original Soft and Chewy Buddy Biscuits
  4. Plush Frog Squeaker Toy
  5. Good Dog Apple Dumpling Trainers Treats
  6. JW Pet Company Crackle Heads Crackle Ball
  7. AKC New Puppy Handbook

If you add up the cost of those items, you’ll see that the box is a really great value to get started with your french bulldog puppy. Not to mention they shipped it to me within 5 days of registering our new french bulldog. As always, we at All About Frenchies always, always recommend buying only AKC registered French Bulldogs. If you’re rescuing a french bulldog, don’t worry about it too much. Always wash your dog’s new toys before they play with them for the first time. And, finally, show your french bulldog plenty of love and affection!


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